Mowry Mountain Alpacas

Mowry Mountain Alpacas

Oroville, Washington  USA  98844
Phone: 5094763709

Mowry Mountain Alpacas

Located in the Highlands of the Okanagon Valley, just a short distance from the Canadian border and the beautiful wine country. Come see what drew us to these beautiful animals and this area!

Alpacas are gentle animals that have been domesticated for over 5000 years. Primarily found in South America, the alpacas fiber was prized in ancient Inca civilization due to its warmth, luxurious feel and high luster. Today, the fiber is just as valued-it is as soft and delightful as cashmere, six times warmer than wool and all without the prickle factor- thus making it hypo allergenic. The fiber found in the US has a range of 22 natural colors.

Introduced to the United States in 1984, the US herd remains small in comparison to the South American alpaca population. The is due to the limited imports that were initially allowed and the desire amongst breeders for herd improvement. Breeders in the US strive to increase the quality of both animal and fiber thru selective breeding and enhanced diet.

The alpaca itself is a hardy animal that is easy to maintain. It is a green animal in that it is gentle on the environment since it has padded rather than hoofed feet, east tender leaves rather than uprooting plants and its feces can be used as instant fertilizer-some call it Alpaca Gold .

Alpacas are a joy to raise-just listen to them hum and watch the little crias (babies) prance in the open pasture!


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