SonRise Alpacas, LLC

SonRise Alpacas, LLC

East Helena, Montana  USA  59635
Phone: 406-439-3175

SonRise Alpacas

SonRise Alpaca Farm is located in the heart of Yellowstone Country in the Northwest Rockies. We are surrounded by mountains. Helena is called the \"Queen Of The Rockies\" and at one time was the wealthiest city in America when they discovered gold here in the late 1800s. It is now noted as the 8th best place to live in America for cities like it and of similar size. It is a great place to raise Alpacas and to raise a family. Now our goal is to reap Alpaca gold.

We have been a part of the Studmaster program from Northwest Alpacas since 2005. We have seen a marked increase in the quality of our cira and in our fleece. We have dedicated ourselves to raising quality suri alpacas with dynamite high quality fleece. We are a member of the Ideal Alpaca Community which has dedicated itself to upgrading the national alpaca herd through a dedicated EPD program with Yocum/MaCall and Virginia Tech University.

The IAC Site states, \"The Ideal Alpaca Community is a group of like minded breeders who believe in the ultimate potential of the alpaca. We are joined together by common principles and goals. Our collective purpose is to raise genetically superior alpacas that produce high volumes of fine fleece.
We share a belief in the Ideal Alpaca Breed Standards, Ideal Alpaca Type, and the use of progeny-tested, impact sires we call Studmaster\" males. It is through these males and their progeny that the genetic improvement of our individual herds will be assured.\"

We have Sir Baronoff as our foundation Studmaster Male who has produced for us exceptional offspring to date. Before his arrival we had Tiago Primo, another Studmaster Male and had several cira by him. We are looking forward to the offspring of Tiago females bred to Sir Baronoff and the increase quality we expect to see. We have devoted ourselves to the ultimate potential of suri alpacas. Hopefully we can help you do the same. 


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